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Open All Flowers an award winning florist in Accrington area who deliver flowers daily in the Accrington, Great Harwood, Clayton Le Moors, Rishton and Oswaldtwistle areas would like to share our tips and knowledge with flower lovers everywhere.

good-florist-guide-2016-Flowers need a little extra love, you take over where Mother Nature stops...
Cut Flowers.... means any flowers that are bought or delivered and are not already in water or floral foam. Upon receipt of your flowers or as soon as possible;.

  • Unwrap with Care
  • Add the flower food provided to a vase of cold fresh water.
  • Cut flower and foliage stems at an angle (this will aid water take up).
  • Remove any foliage that will be below water level (this will prevent harmful bacteria affecting your flower blooms).
  • Place flowers and foliage in your vase of water and arrange to suit your taste.
  • The cooler your room, the longer your bouquet will last.
  • Flowers stay beautiful for longer if kept away from draughts, direct sunlight or central heating radiators.
  • Change the water in the vase at least once a week and remove fading blooms, this will encourage other blooms to open.

    "But, Best of all enjoy your flowers."

    Roses.... treat exactly as you would a cut flower bouquet, if you do have any Roses whose heads hang, re-cut their stems immediately and place in an inch of boiling water and leave for a minute, then plunge in deep cold water and leave for two hours.
    Roses as other flowers last longer in cool conditions.

    "Roses are beautiful flowers, natures finest work, Enjoy them!"

    Hand Tied Bouquets.... means flowers delivered in water and tied as a display. Your bouquet may be left in its aqua pack (water bubble) for up to 48 hours, after this time the water will need to be changed, so cut open the base of the water bubble over the sink to empty out the water, then carefully remove all the lower wrapping (if you desire any top wrapping may stay on the flowers, or you may remove it. DO NOT untie your flowers, fill a vase with fresh cold water and add flower food (most important stuff feeds your flowers and keeps water clean and bacteria free as possible). Cut the hand tied stems at an angle, then place the hand tied in the vase of water.


    "Sit back and admire, job done!"

    Arrangements and Baskets.... On receipt of your flower arrangement or basket, check the water container for water. Please keep your arrangement or basket topped up with water daily as they drink a lot of water throughout the day. The cooler your room the longer your arrangement or basket will last. We recommend to always place your arrangement/basket on a mat to protect surfaces from leaks and spillages...


    "An arrangement will dress up your house...flowers do that!!!

    Lilies.... Gorgeous scented beauties. Lilies have pollen and this should be removed carefully, as pollen may stain. The sooner you remove it the better. Lilies if delivered as a bouquet, treat as you would a cut flower bouquet, if your lilies are delivered as a hand tied, treat as you would a hand tied bouquet.


    "Magnificent statement flowers in your home."



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